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 Team Jada has raised $1,135.00
 Super Team Stark has raised $1,040.00
 Team Maddie Cakers has raised $726.00
 Team Super Jay has raised $700.00
 Spartan Superheroes has raised $655.00
 Team Sam has raised $615.00
 Heroes for Hope has raised $550.00
 Team von Briesen has raised $525.00
 Cure Charlotte has raised $400.00
 Syd’s Crew has raised $350.00
 Wolters Wonders has raised $300.00
 The Golden Angels has raised $220.00
 Jackson’s Journey has raised $170.00
 Team Avengers has raised $120.00
 The Deerfield Defenders has raised $115.00
 Team Terrific has raised $100.00
 The Caped Crusaders has raised $50.00
 Team Grace Super Supporters has raised $20.00
 DOUG’S WARRIORS has raised $20.00

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Cure Charlotte
Goal: $1000.00

Goal: $200.00

Goal: $0.00

Heroes for Hope
Goal: $1000.00

Jackson’s Journey
Goal: $500.00

Links of Love
Goal: $500.00

One Tough Cookie
Goal: $2500.00

Spartan Superheroes
Goal: $1000.00

Stoughton Lakeview GOTR
Goal: $0.00

Super Kashi
Goal: $1000.00

Super Team Stark
Goal: $200.00

Superhero Repair Crew
Goal: $0.00

Superhero Sidekicks
Goal: $200.00

Syd’s Crew
Goal: $250.00

Team Avengers
Goal: $500.00

Team Awespme!
Goal: $0.00

Team Grace Super Supporters
Goal: $500.00

Team Jada
Goal: $1000.00

Team Maddie Cakers
Goal: $500.00

Team Reece Raven
Goal: $1000.00

Team Sam
Goal: $1000.00

Team Super Jay
Goal: $300.00

Team Terrific
Goal: $500.00

Team Trinity
Goal: $1000.00

Team von Briesen
Goal: $600.00

The Caped Crusaders
Goal: $500.00

The Code Runners
Goal: $0.00

The Deerfield Defenders
Goal: $1.00

The Golden Angels
Goal: $500.00

Wolters Wonders
Goal: $500.00