Dodgeball Rules

Heroes vs. Villains Dodgeball Rules!

  1. The Court/Field – A rectangular shape field with 2 baselines, 2 sidelines, and a midfield line, measuring roughly 90ft long by 60ft wide. The size can be adjusted depending on the size of the group and the facility being used.

  2. Game Start / Game Time – Teams shall field an even number of players (6, 8, or 10, depending on the size of the group), half of which should be women. Players will line up on their respective baselines, with 7 dodgeballs dispersed on the mid field line. When the whistle blows, teams will advance to the mid field line, capture as many dodgeballs as the can, retreat back to their baseline, and then come out throwing. Matches will be a best of 5 format, with each game lasting approximately 5 – 7 minutes.

  3. Scoring – Teams are trying to “eliminate” opposing players by attempting to throw the dodgeball so that it contacts the opposing player prior to the dodgeball hitting the ground, ceiling or wall.   The team that successfully eliminates all opposing players wins the game. The first team to win 3 games wins the match.

  4. Dodgeballs – There are 2 sizes of dodgeball… large and small. Women may throw either size dodgeball. Men may only throw the large dodgeball, however they are allowed to pick up the small balls to either block oncoming throws, or hand or toss to a female team mate.

  5. Game Play Rules
  • Players should remain in bounds, and on their half of the field/court at all times, until they are eliminated from the game.   Players will be allowed to leave the field of play to retrieve stray dodgeballs.

  • A dodgeball is considered “LIVE” until it contacts either the ground, ceiling, or wall. Any player contacted by a ‘live” thrown ball is considered “out”, and must retreat to their respective sideline.

  • It is possible for more than one player to be eliminated on a single throw, as long as the thrown ball does not touch the ground!

  • If a thrown ball is CAUGHT by the opposing player, the thrower is considered “out”, PLUS, a player for the opposing team that was already out may re-enter the game! A 2 player swing!

  • If a thrown dodgeball strikes an opposing player, but is caught by another opposing player before hitting the ground, wall or ceiling, then the original struck player is safe, and the original thrower is out. No eliminated team mate may re-enter the game, however, in this case.

  • If a thrown ball contacts the opposing player in the HEAD, then the thrower is out, unless the struck player is ducking, reaching, or otherwise putting their head below shoulder level.

  • Blocking a thrown ball with another ball is allowed, but remember that a thrown ball is live until it hits the ground. If you block it into your body, you are out. If you block it into a team mate, your team mate is out.

  • There is a “loose” 5 second rule. Once you pick up a ball, you must throw it within 5 seconds, or you are out. The game monitor will “count down”, if they see you slowing down game play. If a player refuses to throw the ball during the 5 second count, they will be declared out.
  1. Substitutions – Players who are sitting out may substitute into the match between games, but not during an active game.

  2. On Your Honor – When playing dodgeball, you are ON YOUR HONOR. If you are hit, you must leave the game. Do not wait for a game monitor or opposing player to call you on it. The monitor will assist with any rules clarifications, will not, as a general procedure, make in / out calls.

  3. Spirit of the Game – This is an activity that is being hosted for the enjoyment of the participants and spectators. This is also part of a family oriented charitable event. Please keep this in mind and keep your behavior appropriate for the setting. Arguing, taunting, swearing and threatening have no place in this setting and will be dealt with quickly and decisively.